The Role of Mobile CCTV Surveillance in Public Transportation

In today’s environment, even the public transport systems aren’t that secured, thanks to the hooligans and mischief mongers who find pleasure in disrupting the sanctity of the society. It is has become very important to install mobile or portable CCTV surveillance cameras in public transportation to keep things in check. Every day, millions of commuters use public transportation to travel to and fro from office and home and mostly they happen to travel with essential items like laptops, cameras, phones and money.

It is very important to keep a check on the passengers who enter the public transport with the intent to harm an innocent citizen with their possible malicious acts. If you are genuinely worried about the security of the systems that are installed in public transportation, then securing them with a backdoor password will help you enhance the security of the systems.

Here are certain points that emphasize on the role of mobile CCTV surveillance systems in public transportation.

Ward Off the Molesters 

Believe it or not, there are a few people who find pleasure in hurting the sentiments of young girls who are travelling for work and studies. Although self-defense helps the young women take care of such situations, with security cameras in place, the molesters will stop harming innocent girls since they are aware that their actions can be easily recorded and monitored by the security systems. With video evidence, they can be punished for their misbehavior.

No Pick-Pocketers Will Be Easily Spared

With security camera systems installed in public transports, the pickpocketers will stop themselves from stealing valuable items from the bags or pockets of fellow travelers. This way, you can conveniently travel while the surveillance cameras can easily monitor the area to deter small crimes.

Deter Heinous Crimes

Most often, due to heated arguments over silly issues in buses or trains, people tend to fight and commit heinous crimes. With surveillance cameras monitoring the area 24*7, such crimes can be easily captured in the system and the criminal can get heavily punished for his/her acts. Hence, if the criminal is aware of the presence of cameras, he would avoid harming other individuals.

There are plenty of other benefits that such mobile surveillance cameras come with. Hence, installing it in public transportation can enhance the security of the area.

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